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We manufacture electric heaters for a wide variety of applications, and we will design and quote to your specifications.

Our units are used for heating, frost protection and load banks. They can be installed in duct systems, air handling units and process ovens. Applications include shops, offices, hotels, warehouses, computer rooms, hospitals, spray booths, drying ovens, nuclear power plants, and off shore oil platforms.

Circular Heaters  High Air Temperature Heaters Flange Mounted Heaters Plate Mounted Heaters Sheathed Elements

Sheathed Elements

The elements consist of an 8mm diameter stainless steel tube housing a nickel/chrome resistance wire, which is insulated using compacted magnesium oxide powder.

The elements can be supplied straight or formed into the shape/size that you require.

Flange Mounted & Cassette Duct Heaters

A square or rectangular duct section manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel or 1.5mm stainless steel, incorporating integral terminal enclosure and formed flanges.

Designed for flange mounting into ducting or inserting into air handling units.

Plate Mounted (‘Stab In’) Duct Heaters

A rigid mounting plate, manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel or 1.5mm stainless steel.

Designed for mounting into ducting or air handling units.

Can also be manufactured in a semi circular form to fit into circular ducting.

Circular Duct Heaters

A circular duct section manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel or 1.5mm stainless steel

Designed for spigot connecting into rigid or spiral ducting.

Can also be manufactured for flange mounting.

High Air Temperature Heaters

Available in either Plate mounted or flange mounted forms and incorporates a ‘Stand Off’ terminal enclosure to minimise heat transfer to the terminations and wiring.

Can be insulated to match duct insulation

Suitable for air temperatures from 80°C to 400°C

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