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Test Procedures

Every heater is tested to ensure accuracy and electrical safety.

Electrical Loading

Electrical resistance is measured from live to neutral for all of the stages.

The loading is then calculated using ohms law, W=V2/R††

 The manufacturers tolerance for sheathed elements is ±7% on loading

†† The resistance of the elements alters slightly between hot and cold, so a correction factor of 0.98 is applied

High Voltage or ‘Flash’ Testing

Consists of applying 1250V A.C between the termination and the casing and recording the earth leakage current, expressed in mA.  

This should not exceed 1mA per kW.

Insulation Resistance

Consists of applying 500V D.C between the terminations and the casing and recording the resistance between the live and the earth, expressed in MΩ.  

This should be greater than 1MΩ .